Monday, December 15, 2008


During the process of promo tee design with Raphael Saadiq. He mentioned the need for a logo, thu out his 20 years in the game and never having one. Again working with a great client like this , he gives me creative freedom. Souly based on the vibe we created when we were chilling at his studio in LA. The basic direction was to create something classic with some type of abstract aesthetic. Just after a few roughcomps, this is the icon that stood out to Raphael. So i brought it all together with a logo font to tie it all in.
Creating an icon is not an easy task. So there is a serious process to get to the best possible final.Here a few sketch designs plucked from the thumbnail sketch stage.

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  1. Your work is exemplary, I would like to commission you to do a logo and artwork for me.