Thursday, May 19, 2011


   Well, its 5 months in and Im really finally just feeling settled. If you couldn't guess by now, let me just tell you. I've taken a full time Design position with NIKE design C.O.E. After a convincing and exciting recruiting process. I agreed and packed up my Brooklyn home to  relocate and work at the World Head Quarters in Beaverton, Oregon. But not before a homeless, couch surfing 7 month artist residency, in NOHO,Ca at Raphael Saadiq's Blakeslee studio.(Thanks Champ so many moments and lesson I will never forget.)
   As the home sick feeling has slowly lifted Im settling nicely in my kick ass portland apartment. I working with a sick team of genius creators, truly bless that I've been made part of the team. In any life transition there is always a period of adjustment. Figuring  a new routine and replacing the simple things that have been in place for a time. But anyway moving forward.
  I've continually and constantly have been sketching, doodeling, designing, and creating. Took a hiatus on making new post , back on it now tho. Kinda realized how important it is to be inspired by my own creations and share and inspire others. Thats wut i do all this for anyway, you.
 So... Im going to try and catch you up on a few key design moments, and continue to  flow you new works.


  1. Awesome, man! That so rocks! Plans to be in LA any time soon?

  2. Pen, I see you getting it in with Nike. That is a testament to your dedication. Your collections are now my official avatars.