Friday, January 2, 2009


Its offical! im the art director for Raphael Saadiq. We are teaming up to bring a visual aspect to his music and established brand.
It just makes sence when we build on ideas.So the new direction started with this layout as an outline for his new video single, 100 Yard Dash.

From there it rolled into designing the single art work, that will be used for print and all digital posting of the single.
Plus a nifty 7" vinyl package.
oh yea starting this new position, means starting a new movement. So rounding out the new Saadiq team i brought my photographer Tone with me to shoot the shot for the single art and some ill behind the scene pics at the video shoot( isseue 252 on Tone's website). i also did art direction on the the video too.


7" single vinyl package.


  1. CONGRATS PEN!!! Super excited for you....the sky is the limit!!

  2. looks really classic and edgy fam! good shit! much continued success. bring those keys to me yo!